Products & Services

IACC specializes in manufacturing chlorinated paraffin, marketed to PVC, matalworking fluid, and rubber industries in Asia. IACC is also a professional toll manufacturer for some of the world’s leading multinational companies. Other products include specialty cleaners and automotive coolants.



Chlorinated Paraffin is applied as a secondary plasticizer and a flame retardant additive in PVC and PVC copolymers. As a result of similar structure to PVC, our product has a good compatibility with PVC together with low volatility, good chemical stability and water insolubility.

Metal Working Fluids

Chlorinated Paraffin is applied as an extreme pressure (EP) additive in metal working lubricants.


Chlorinated Paraffin is used in synthetic rubber compounds as a plasticizer, flame retardant additive and processing oil.

Toll Manufacturing

For more than 25 years, as a professional ”Toll Blender”, IACC has provided high-standard production service solutions to our customers, well -known chemical companies,both in Thailand and overseas.

Automotive Coolant

IACC's coolants are formulated and made from high quality mono ethylene glycol and high performance corrosion inhibitor.  Our coolants are developed in order to provide the benefits such as helping the engine cool in hot weather (or summer time), preventing the engine from overheat problem, and  protecting the engine from freezing during winter.

Specialty Cleaning Products

IACC specializes in manufacturing specialty cleaning products for food industry, which meet regulations and get approvedby both Thai FDA and Department of livestock, including HALAL certified.